Moonrise by Sarah Crossan


From the Carnegie Medal Award Winning author, Sarah Crossan, comes another poignant novel in verse; Moonrise.


Cover Image of "Moonrise" by Sarah CrossanJoe Moon is on his way to Texas to visit his older brother Ed.

Ed is in prison.

Ed is on death row...for murder.  


Joe was 7 when his brother was arrested and he was convinced his brother couldn't have done it, but now that 10 years have passed a lot has changed and with an execution looming, Joe isn't quite sure what to think or feel. 


Moonrise is a great read to open conversations about the criminal justice system, death row, and what's truly fair in the world. This novel in verse is a quick read that touches on some very serious subjects but which is a perfect entry into any number of current events. 



You might want to have your tissues ready, but be sure to pick up Moonrise at your local library today and don't forget to check out all our other titles by award-winning author Sarah Crossan.  


Posted by LiselyL on August 2, 2019