My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand

I listened to this eAudiobook through Overdrive.

King Edward is ill and his advisor Lord Dudley is urging him to appoint a successor to his throne. At Lord Dudley's suggestion, Edward's cousin Jane should inherit the throne, but she's a woman. No woman can rule a country, rule England. But if she were to marry Lord Dudley's youngest son, then immediately produce male heirs, then the line of succession will be fine. Well, easier said then done. It turns out Lord Dudley's son just happens to be a... HORSE. Yup. So Jane has to deal with a sudden marriage, then marriage with a horse, not to mention have a country to run (that happens to be dealing with a very bad wolf pack too) while also dealing with court and who knows what else. What is a bookish girl to do?

This was a fun book to listen too. I found it to be quite funny actually. It had the Shakespearean humor (kind of like what you would see in the Taming of the Shrew or A Midsummer Night's Dream), but there was almost an homage to Jane Austen too (with the bookish Jane and her views on marriage). I liked how lighthearted it was, considering it's an "alternative" history of how King Edward "died" and how the Tudor throne was eventually taken over by Elizabeth I. I was quite amused listening to this audiobook while traveling.

While I'm not a huge chick-lit fan, I didn't mind the relationships in the books too much. They were all full of dramatic humor and hijinks, and sure they were a little sappy and cheesy but it goes along with the overall theme of the book (and in the context of the times). What I did appreciate about the relationships was that they were given time to be friends (and to argue on occasion) before "falling madly" in love with each other. Because you know, it should take more than just seeing each other across the room, to be "madly" in love with someone, am I right?

I would recommend this book for older teens (14+). Check it out here. Also if you would like to read anything else that Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows has written, just click on their names.

Posted by AngelaM on November 17, 2017