"Our Chemical Hearts" Book Review by Teen Volunteer Erika


After reading Our Chemical Hearts, this is what Erika had to say...



"I love how the author wrote Henry Page to explain, in detail, about what his feelings are in certain situations. I think that the descriptiveness of the author helped me to understand his point of view in specific things. The characters stand out a lot because of their unique quirks, in my opinion. I believe that their different personalities blended well with each other and made the story more interesting. I also like how relatable this story is. At first, I was wondering about why the title was Our Chemical Hearts, but the story explained it out the end, which I'm glad about. I also like how Sutherland touched on hard topics such as divorce and death. I think that her ways of conveying about how people choose to heal, or not in Grace's point of view at some point, after a difficult event. I loved everything else about the book, except for the pacing. In the middle it went oo fast in my opinion. Everything was going hay-wire and confusing. I only liked the pacing at the end which helped explain some unanswered questions I had."



Posted by AngelaM on January 30, 2017