The Possible by Tara Altebrando

This book is about Kaylee, a 17 year old girl who apears like a normal, only child with two devoted parents. What you don't know is that her birth mom is spending life in prison for killing her little brother, and her mom claims to have telekenetic powers.

Most teen books go one of two ways, they are either super relatable with normal teen problems like boys/girls, popularity, self esteem issues, etc. Or they are so fantastical and have teens with issues like world domination, fighting zombies, piloting alien spacecraft, etc. The cool thing about this book, is that if falls somewhere in the middles.

Kaylee is a normal teen with normal teen problems, for the most part. Yes she is adopted and her birth mother is in prison for killing her brother when they were little. That is not a common situation but its more relatable than zombies. Then there is this paranormal aspect, where Kaylee's birth mom claims to have telekenetic powers, and wait a minute, Kaylee might have them too. This was a unique and interesting read that is mostly contemporary fiction, but with a tad of paranormal thrown in for good measure.