"Ride On" by Gwen Cole

What is the book about?

A cowboy named Seph is on his own in the wild and has been for a very long time. He has adjusted to the wild environment and has learned to take care of himself. Throughout his journey of searching for the ocean he comes across multiple gangs who want and try to kill him. Seph and a girl named Avery’s paths intertwine. Avery is on a mission to save her brother from a gang that took him. Seph and Avery soon meet and Seph helps Avery find her brother. However, along the way of saving Avery’s brother, Finn, Seph comes across the man who killed his father.

Since Avery and Seph have been traveling together for quite some time they soon build a relationship and begin getting close. They both make each other a better person and help each other achieve their goals.


What did you think of the book?

This book was written in a simple fashion and the word choice the author used was easy to understand. Also, I would recommend this book to someone who loves westerns with cowboys, outlaws, and standoffs. I would also recommend this book to anyone who would like romances because there are romantic scenes that give the book a nice touch. To add, I really enjoyed the fact that the book was written from two different perspectives of the same events. I liked the perspectives because it gives the reader insight of what Avery and Seph are thinking.


Can you find the answers to these trivia questions?

1. What is the name of the person that killed Seph’s dad? 

2. Where does Seph get shot? 

3. What color arm band do the lawman have on their arms? 

4. Where do Seph and Avery first kiss? 

5. What was the gift that Avery and Finn’s dad gave them for their 7th birthday? 

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Review written by Taylor S.

Posted by TraceyE on December 4, 2018