This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

This book talks about some sensitive topics: suicide, bullying, and very low self esteem. These are themes we often see in Young Adult literature, but maybe not this well done. An author has to be careful when trying to write a fictional story surrounding any of  these topis, but espeically when it's all three. Elise Dembowski has never made friends easily, she is almost ready to give up, but she acidentally discovers something that may just save her life. Often this is where the author would insert a love interest, but not Leila Sales, she sent music to save Elise. When most people think about musical talent they think singing or playing an instrument, but for Elise its DJing that gives her purpose. Many people, especially teens, struggle with loving theirself, so does Elise, but through uncovering some remarkable talents surrounding music she can finally find her worth.  They way the author talks about being a DJ is kind of mesmerizing, and for Elise it transports her to another place, one where she is truely seen for the first time. Being a music lover myself I really enjoyed this aspect, it gave the story something unique, beautiful, and completely relatable. Can music save your life? Guess you will just have to read the book and find out for yourself.