"Twin Willows: Winter Falls" Review by Adult Volunteer Ranieka

After reading Twin Willows: Winter Falls by Nicole Maggi, this is what Ranieka had to say...


"I just finished this book just a few days ago. I thought it wouldn’t catch my attention at first but the farthest I got, the harder it became for me to put it down. It’s a good read! The main character, Alessia, finds out that she’s a direct descendant of the Benandanti, a cult of warriors that can transform into animals (she turns into a falcon). Their sole purpose is to save the magic of the waterfall and the town of Twin Willows from being overtaken by the Malandanti. There is humor in different parts of the book that will tickle your funny bone. Alessia likes to make jokes. There was a discussion between her and Heath, her guide, where she made a wisecrack and I just laughed."




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Posted by AngelaM on January 12, 2017