Bookish Sort Book Club News

Below is a list of the selections for the next few months. Note that in September, we ask each person that attends to bring a favorite poem to read to the group. In November, we will again have our “Literary Potluck”; bring a dish (to share) suggested by some reading as well as a quote from the reading.  In December, we will read a story aloud at the meeting.

After some discussion, we tentatively decided upon Elizabeth Berg’s Joy School for October (3 cc in library plus 1 downloadable) and House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (5 copies plus 1 downloadable) for January 2020. Charlotte said that she would investigate inviting these authors to join us. Depending on their availability, we might need to change the dates of these discussions.

Future selections are as follows:
Sept 5   Each member bring a favorite poem
Oct 3    Joy School                                                  by Elizabeth Berg
Nov 1   Literary Pot Luck
Dec 5   Group Read Aloud                                                                                                                                          Jan 2 House on Mango Street                               by Sandra Cisneros