Bookish Sort Book Club News

The Bookish Sort Book Club met Thursday, November 1, 2018, at 5:30 PM in the meeting room of the Hawthorne Branch Library.  We enjoyed our Annual Literary Pot Luck dinner.  There was quite a feast: Fluffy Meatloaf (Caroline), Cottage Pie (Ginger), Champandongo (a mole dish, Anne), Luncheon Sardines (Jo Ann), shrimp cocktail (Joanne), Judy (Tea Cake), Hasty Pudding (Barbara)! The reading accompanying each were very interesting and, as always, sparked discussion. 

Future selections are as follows:

Dec 6        Plainsong                                                           Kent Haruf                        ??

Jan 3         ** Barracoon                                                     Zora Neal Hurston             Flo

Feb 7         ** The Bite of History                                       Caroline Anaya                  ??

Mar 7        (Group Read)                                               ??                                   Ginger

Apr 4         American Philosophy: A Love Story             John Kaag                      Jo Ann

May 2        Princess Ruth: Love & Tragedy in Hawaii    Jo Ann Lordahl               ??

The ** indicates that these two selections might need to be interchanged depending on the availability of the book and Flo Turcotte’s schedule. We need volunteers to lead the discussion of the December and February selections. 

We are unable to get copies of Caroline’s book for the library; however, Caroline has copies and will sell them at cost ($4). You can catch her at the Hawthorne Health and Fitness M & W before or after her class (10-11 am) or get one at the next meeting. At this point no copies of Jo Ann’s book are in the library. I have requested one, but we will not know if they order it for a while. Jo Ann has copies that she will loan to readers.

 Ginger suggested that we read a story aloud at a meeting. Help us find a suitable read that will take about an hour.

 Please put us on your calendar for the upcoming months.

If you would like to try some new title ideas you might want to try browsing NoveList, an eSource offered by the library. Go to ACLD's research page and select eSources then select Novelist. Log in using your library card number and PIN (4 digit birth year).

Appeal helps us determine why enjoy enjoy a book and whether a particular book will fit our style. Use the Novelist Appeal Mixer to create any combination of Appeal terms to find the perfect book. Access the Appeal Mixer from the Novelist homepage using the link under “I’m in the mood for book that are…” or by clicking the “Appeal” link under the Browse By drop-down in the top toolbar.

Using NoveList's new list, Book Club Best Bets under the Recommended Reads tab, you can find aid in selecting titles for groups.  There are Book Discussion Guides found under Quick Links inside NoveList. They also offer great book club resources for Connecting to Readers Through Book Clubs