Homework Help For Kids Pre-K - 5th Grade!

Do you have a child who needs extra help with their homework?  Or would you like a teen to read to them in the afternoon?  We have 2 High School Interns and 1 Teen Volunteer at the Hawthorne Library who are ready to help!


Afternoon/Early Evening Mentoring and Tutor

Q:  How many hours per week?

A:  Our teens will work with your child 1-2 hours per week depending on their schedule and your schedule.

Q:  Who will be working with my child?

A:  Two of our teens are temporary library employees who qualified for a High school Internship this semester at the library because of their high GPA, strong ambition to succeed and an interest in librarianship.

B:  The third is a young teen who is very responsible, extremely intelligent and a part of our homeschool community and library group.

If you are interested in signing-up for this program or have questions you can...

A:  Visit us at the Hawthorne Libary at 6640 SE 221 ST., Hawthorne, Florida   32640.

B:  Call the Hawthorne Library and ask for Wendy at (352)481-1920.

C:  Email Wendy Schneider at wschneider@aclib.us     

Posted by WendyS on November 10, 2016