Practices In Stress Relief

Harpist Paula Russell, Certified Meditation Instructor

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or drained by situations in your life? You are not alone! Stress has been named America’s number one health concern. It can affect your health, mood, relationships, and quality of life. It’s time to find a path that leads to a more fulfilled, healthier, happier life! 

Harpist, Paula Russell, Certified Meditation Instructor, is leading hour long participatory workshops to help us understand our stress levels and learn practical tips to help us unwind at both Newberry and Hawthorne Branch Librariaes! Each Free workshop will have a different focus, so attend as many as you like! Join us in these interactive workshops where we will:

*discover how stress affects our lives
*explore healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges
*learn tips and strategies to unwind and relax
*enjoy a guided relaxation with live contemplative harp music

Newberry Branch workshop:                   October 6, 6:00 PM Discover the Key to Stress Relief

Hawthorne Branch Workshop Series:    The 2nd Saturday of each month 2:00 PM

                                                                   Oct 10 Discover the Key to Stress Relief

                                                                   Nov 14 Upgrade Your Life with Gratitude

                                                                   Dec 5 (1st SatReplace Holiday Stress with Inner Peace

                                                                   Jan 9 Embrace What Is with Acceptance

                                                                   Feb 13 Experience the Power of Loving-Kindness

                                                                   Mar 12 Transform Adversity into Opportunity

Posted by GuyleneR on September 10, 2015