Tools to Quit Tobacco

Hawthorne Library Sat. 12/19/2015 2-4 PM

Tobacco Cessation: Do you smoke? Do you dip? Do you want to quit? IQuit with AHEC in partnership with Tobacco Free Florida is a free program created by ex-smokers and led by trained facilitators who will guide you through the quitting process. Participants in the class receive support, guidance, and a free one month supply of nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches, lozenges, and gum (while supplies last and if medically appropriate). Suwannee River AHEC is holding FREE onetime two hour classes at the Hawthorne Branch Library and other locations. These programs cover all forms of tobacco from cigarettes, cigars, to smokeless tobacco.  Research shows that tobacco users who receive counseling and use medication during their quit attempt have twice the rate of success.


To set yourself free from tobacco visit AHEC's website at or call toll-free 1-866-341-2730 to find a class near you.