Which library eSource are you?

For this quiz, make sure you have a pen and paper or another way to write down the letter of the answer that you select. This quiz is for entertainment only, so please feel free to try out any of the eSources mentioned below! We have more electronic resources available here.

Paint brush1. What's your ideal way to spend an afternoon?

A. My best afternoons are best crafting something I just found on Pinterest

B. I enjoy reading about the latest topics of the day.

C. I love learning new skills on my computer

D. I like feeling connected to other cultures by learning languages. If I could travel more, I would.

burritos2. Do you have a favorite meal?

A. I like something quick, like pizza, so I can get back to crafting

B. I enjoy a cup of coffee and some savory breakfast foods --as long as I get to read the newspaper while I'm eating

C. My favorite meals are hand-held--like a burrito or a sandwich. I like to eat and learn at the same time

D. I love trying new foods from places that I'm learning about. The different names of dishes let me practice the new language that I'm learning

coffee with newspaper3.  Which is your go-to beverage?

A. Water to help me get through intense crafting sessions

B. Coffee is the best way to start my day

C. Energy drinks keep me going

D. I prefer trying beverages that I've never had before, like a new fizzy soda

map with hand holding a pin4. What was your favorite subject in school?

A. I liked Drama and English, those classes let me show my creative side

B. History was my favorite. I've always loved learning about important events

C. Computers was my style. Learning new software and getting to play computer games every now and then was great.

D. My favorite was geography. There is nothing like learning about a new place

computer with mug5. What's your dream job?

A. I would love to run my own business through Etsy, so I can sell my creations

B. A job where I get to keep up with current events

C. Something that lets me work with computers

D. I'd like to something that allows me to explore other cultures, including their languages


Tally up your answers and see your results below! Click on the image next to your results to explore the eSource. If you did not end up with a majority of one letter, be sure to explore our eSources page to find one right for you! Or chat to us on the hompage ,  email us at ask@aclib.libanswers.com , or call us during select hours at (35) 334-3939 for a recommendation.



Creativebug Logo

Creativebug is a resource all about crafting. You can learn a variety of craft techniques, including sewing, yarn crafts, paper crafts, jewelry making, and culinary arts.


Newsbank Logo

Newsbank allows you to access news from all over the world, including today's Gainesville Sun in full-color.


Lynda Logo

Lynda.com is an incredible online learning platform to learn business, technology, software, creative skills, and skills to achieve personal and professional goals.


Transparent logo


Learn another language with Transparent! It also includes KidsSpeak for elementary-aged children to learn. Transparent also has an app that you can download to a smartphone!


Thanks for playing!