American Fantasy writer Terry Brooks has a birthday coming up!

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One of the bestselling fantasy writers in the United States, Terence Brooks know to his fans as “Terry” is celebrating a birthday on January 8, 2017. He will be 73 years old. Born in Sterling, Illinois in 1944, Terry attended Hamilton College majoring in English literature. He received his law degree from Washington and Lee University and was a practicing attorney before becoming a full time writer. He lives in Seattle with his wife Judine.

You can see and hear Terry talking about why he writes about elves in this TEDx video. Click here

As the writer of epic fantasy, Terry is best known for the Shannara series and the Magic Kingdom of Landover series among some standalone novels.  In 2016, Shannara was turned into a television series titled The Shannara Chronicles. ACLD has the first season on DVD.

Brook has begun writing the ending of his Shannara series, titled The Fall of Shannara, it will encompass four books. The first of them is The Fall of Shannara: The Black Elfstone which will be out June 13, 2017.