CREATEspace: a space to make, learn, & explore

We are very pleased to announce a new makerspace program that has been developed for our District. It is called CREATEspace and will be kicking off at Headquarters on April 22. It is exciting to be able to offer this to our community and it should grow and grow. It will be offered to adults, teens and preteens. 

Participants will be able to make, learn, explore, and share a variety of technologies during this hands on program. CREATEspace brings people together to use a 3D printer and software modeling tools, coding programs, basic circuitry and robotics. CREATEspace will start off with a 3D printer, basic circuitry kits, coding programs, 3D modeling programs, construction kits, fabric construction, and other materials. Each of these skills will be set up at stations throughout the room. The four week program will allow each of the participants to have an opportunity to print an object on the 3D printer, as well as explore all the other technologies. Throughout the 4 weeks, various groups will be demonstrating different technologies. Space is limited, so call 352-334-3940 to register.

CREATEspace will be Saturdays April 29 and May 6, 20 at 1:00pm. SPACE AVAILABLE FOR THE LAST  SESSION! REGISTER BY CALLING 352-334-3940

LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer in Action

Posted by LindaD on April 24, 2017