A great Science Fiction writer has a birthday coming up

a graveyard for lunaticsDandelion WineGreen Shadows, White WhaleNow and ForeverOctober CountrySomething Wicked This Way Comes

October Country and Something Wicked This Way Comes were written by Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury. As a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Bradbury got his break in 1949 after getting turn down by numerous New York City publishers who had no use for short stories. Having dinner with Doubleday editor Walter Bradbury (no relation), Walter asked Ray if he could bundle his short stories into one novel and call it The Martian Chronicles. Ray promptly wrote up an outline for the book and was signed by Doubleday Publishers. A graveyard for lunatics: another tale of two cities was written in 1962 with Green shadows, white whale: a novel written in 1992. Bradbury’s last book was written in 2007 titled Now and Forever: Somewhere a band is playing and Leviathan 99.

He even has an asteroid named after him “9766 Bradbury” and the Moon crater “Dandelion Crater” was named by the Apollo 15 crew in honor of Bradbury's novel Dandelion Wine.  In 2012, the year Bradbury died, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover landing site on Mars was named “Bradbury Landing” in his honor. Born in 1920, Bradbury died in June 5, 2012 but his books will live forever.

Bradbury would have been 97 years old on August 22, 2017.