K-Drama Mania at the Library!

Join us every 1st Wednesday of the month (September, October and November) at 4:30pm in our Teen Space to watch a current and popular K-Drama or movie shown exclusively for your viewing pleasure here at the library. Come see why this genre of entertainment is taking the world by storm!

What are K-Dramas?

K-Dramas also known as Korean dramas are fictitious, scripted television shows or movies produced in South Korea that have gained international popularity due to the rise in Hallyu or the Korean Wave of arts and entertainment. The shows are similar in format to American soap operas (e.g. Young and the Restless) and are broadcast weekly.

Like soap operas, K-Dramas are usually melodramatic, hence the word ‘drama’ in K-Drama, but they can also include romance, action, mystery and comedy. These shows are also in Korean and are accompanied by subtitles in English, Spanish and more, so international fans can understand and follow along. Light refreshments will be provided.


Posted by KarenR on August 2, 2018