Law in the Library Presents


Are you drowning in debt? What options do you have? What rights do you have? Three Rivers Legal Services Staff Attorney Kevin Rabin will make a short presentation on what to do when you are faced with mounting debt and calls from debt collectors. Rabin will share tips on how to figure out your debt situation, what steps you can take to manage your debt, and, most importantly, what legal rights and protections do you have when someone tries to collect the debt from you. Rabin has been a legal aid attorney since 2014, has practiced all throughout North Florida, and primarily represents tenants, homeowners, and debtors who are facing legal action to collect debts.

We will be in Monday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. in Meeting Room A at Headquarters Branch.

Law in the Library is presented in partnership with the 8th Judicial Circuit Bar Association. 




Posted by FionaL on February 4, 2020