The library has a great selection of magazines

Are you in the library with some time on your hands? Check out our print magazines. At Headquarters Library you'll find them on the right side of the third floor. From AARP to Men’s Journal to Sunshine Artist to Z-life, we have just the magazine for you.

O Magazine...And that’s not all. Through Zinio, Flipster, and MasterFILE Premier, we have online magazines also. From the privacy of your own home, you can choose from multiple eMagazines. Zinio has about 100 titles to choose from which include past issues as well as the current issue that is on newsstands now. Flipster has 20 of the most popular and exclusive titles.

Click on the Media tab on the center link bar on our website. From there you will need to pick either Zinio (which has apps for iPhone, Android, and Kindle HD/HDX) or Flipster.

PC Gamer

For MasterFILE, you need to go to the Research tab and scroll down to MasterFILE Premier. Click on the link and you will be taken to the database. Search for the magazine title you want. For example, Time magazine is listed here: Time

You can see all the issues for Newsweek here: Newsweek.

Check out our magazines next time you are in the library.