Meet Motivational Speaker John S. Rollins

John S. Rollins is the President and CEO of MOTIV8U of North Central Florida. He has worked as a professional trainer for more than 25 years. John conducts training programs for State, County, and local government agencies, including the State of Florida's Department of Revenue- Property Division, Alachua County Tax Collectors, and the City of Gainesville. He also works with other agencies whose primary mission is to serve the youth. 

In this workshop, John will:

  • Define what success looks like for you
  • Explore the success mindset
  • Discover what differentiates winners from losers
  • Review the qualities of an achiever
  • Learn steps for getting organized

and so much more.

Here is what others have said about this program...

"Thank you for helping me believe I CAN"

"The class was stirring and motivational beyond all expectations."

"You put your heart into the presentation. You taught vs. lectured and read to us."

Rollins will be in Meeting Room B on Saturday, Sept. 1 at 2:00 pm at Headquarters Library.

Posted by FionaL on August 21, 2018