National Library Week: Our ACLD Heroes

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For National Library Workers Day, April 9, we asked staff to highlight their ACLD heroes. More than 200 people work at the Alachua County Library District and each one is outstanding. 


Linda Cue, Adult Services Librarian, Headquarters Branch
"Linda Cue, who sees people that others don't and creates great programs that really make their lives better."
Lisa Finch, Librarian, Newberry Branch


Ike Welch, former Tower Road Branch ManagerLibrarian Chris Ladd and former Tower Road Branch Manager Ike Welch
“There are a number of co-workers that I have looked up to and held in high esteem over the years. But one of the first, and someone I very much miss talking to, learning from, bouncing ideas off of, and having a good laugh with, is former Tower Road Branch manager Ike Welch. My first positions in the library were at Tower Road, as a page and library assistant. What I remember most about Ike was that he was instantly accessible, excellent with patrons, and that he’d do anything for his employees. He could walk that balance between authority and comradery, and nine times out of ten he’d greet you with a smile and leave you with a laugh.”
Chris Ladd, eBranch Librarian 


Darba Owens-Simmons and Anita Jenkins
"Darba Owens-Simmons and retired Anita Jenkins both encouraged me to go to library school and become a Librarian even when I didn’t think I could do it. So many thanks to these two heroes."
Caroline Huguet, Adult Services Librarian, Headquarters Branch


Ann Le Zotte, Library Specialist, Tower Road Branch
"I learned about Ann's incredible talents and passion for inclusion in the library when she received the Guy Hudspeth Award in February. I admire the diverse programming she provides, her humor and her honesty."
Rachel Cook, Marketing and Public Relations Manager


Debbie Lewis, Former Librarian Supervisor
"Debbie was a regular at the restaurant I worked at. For the longest time, about a year, I did not know she was a librarian and she did not know I was working on my MLIS. Once we put the pieces together, she encouraged me to intern in Youth Services for my final semester. She was my supervisor and mentor and when I finally made it to Youth Services as a Specialist, then a Librarian, she was the most supportive, positive, and encouraging colleague. She loved working with children and families and was a great librarian. I learned so much from her and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her."
Tina Bushnell, Library Partnership Branch Manager


Library Pages
"Pages are the foundation of our library services. They help sort, Process, and put away materials. Library staff and patrons wouldn't be able to find anything on our shelves without the hard work of our pages."
Carolyn Wallace, Micanopy Branch Manager


Circulation Staff
"The Circulation staff are the first faces you see when you enter the library and the last faces you see before you leave. They come in every day with a smile on their face and work hard to provide patrons, branches, and other departmetns with execptional customer service! They are the heart of the library!"
Demaris Hill, Senior Circulation Manager


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