Payday Loans and Other Scams at Headquarters Library on April 4

Please join Santa Fe Economics Professor Roger Strickland for the opening Money Smart program in a discussion/presentation of several ways con artists and thieves can attempt to cheat you out of your money- fake debt collectors who threaten you; payday loans with interest rates of over 500%; "credit builders" and "loan consolidators" who roll your debt into higher-interest loans that you'll never be able to pay back. And how you can use the Internet to check on a scam; sharing the word with your friends and neighbors.

Roger Strickland has been a Santa Fe professor for 37 years. His background in Finance and Marketing helps him to explain the methods unscrupulous persons will use to con and steal money from unsuspecting people.

The program will be on Tuesday, April 4th and 10:00am in the Foundation Room of Headquarters Library in downtown Gainesville.

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Posted by FionaL on March 21, 2017