Play Hearthstone at Your Library

Play Hearthstone at your library

Everybody get in here!

It's time for June's Fireside Gathering at your Headquarters Library Branch. Pull up a chair and join us for fun, friends, and a very special Fireside Brawl. "There's always [bandwidth] for one more."

Monday, 18 June 2018 at 5:00 pm in Meeting Room B

This month's special brawl format will be All-star Innkeeper's Choice. The Innkeeper will choose one neutral card and fill half your deck with copies of that card. You then carefully build the other your deck to best work with that card (or just press 'play' and your deck will be filled out with fifteen random class cards), and test your deck in casual play or in our round robin tournament.

What card should the Innkeeper pick for this crazy format? Suggest the card you think deserves to be an all-star here.

Example cards to nominate for All-star Innkeeper's Choice