• Do you need to learn a language to enhance your job opportunities?ni hao
  • Have you always wanted to visit China and now is the time?
  • Will you be hosting a foreign-exchange student from France?
  • Is it finally time to learn that second language?

Powerspeak is your ticket to learning: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, English for Spanish speakers, or English for Mandarin speakers.

Powerspeak takes you beyond rote memorization using innovative audio, video, and interactive lessons and activities.Go to our Research page for Arts & Culture and find Powerspeak listed on the right side of the page, or click View All Databases near top-right of any Research section page to find a link to Powerspeak. Simply create a username and password, and you will have access to a rich array of language lessons designed to help you communicate easily and effortlessly. You can repeat lessons as often as you wish, and there are options for recording your speech to practice sounding more like a native speaker.

In addition, ACLD has an extensive collection of language-learning books and media. Visit your nearest branch for assistance in locating materials to help you with your learning.


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