Seed Cabinet and Seed Saving 101

Forage Farm co-founders Anna Prizzia and Melissa DeSa and artist Katerie Gladdys UF Fine Arts


Seed Cabinet and Seed Saving 101

"Seed Cabinet" is an interactive exhibition of images, stories and seeds, and a live performance/workshop on seed saving, food sovereignty, and community food systems. Seeds represent the essence of life. Cultivate a personal relationship with local agriculture. We seek to inform and inspire the public to cultivate community through local agriculture and realize the power of democracy in food systems.  

Special thanks to the Matheson Museum, UF Field and Fork Program, David Cavegnero and Seed Savers Exchange, University of Florida School of Art and Art History and UF Center for the Humanities in Public Sphere Rothman Endowment for their contributions.


Locations and dates:
High Springs, Tuesday, February 28              7:00-8:00 PM            
Hawthorne, Friday, March 3                          3:00-4:00 PM            
Newberry, Sunday, April 9                             2:00-4:00 PM             
Tower Road, Thursday April 13                     4:00-6:00 PM             
Library Partnership, Wednesday, April 19        3:30-5:30 PM
Headquarters, Saturday, April 22                   1:00-3:00 PM             
Cone Park, Friday, April 28                           3:00-4:30 PM             
Waldo, Sunday, April 30                               2:00-4:00 PM             
Archer, Sunday May 7                                  2:00-4:00 PM    
Millhopper, Sunday, May 21                          2:00-400 PM
Alachua, Sunday, June 4                              2:00-4:00 PM

For more information, such as branch location, please see individual branches listed