WestLawNext: Everything from a single search box

The online database WestlawNext provides a full spectrum of legal resources including federal and state cases and statutes, more than 600 law reviews and journals, property and real estate laws,  Florida family law, and more than 50 legal forms.  This database, offered only at the Headquarters Library, is keyword searchable and identifies the most relevant on-point materials quickly and efficiently.

 When using WestLawNext, there’s no need to:      

  • Specify a document type
  • Type in a database identifier
  • Indicate whether you’re typing a citation or a search term
  • Identify and use field restrictions 

In Google-like fashion, simply type into the search box:

  • A party name
  • Citations of cases, statutes, court rules
  • Keywords with no connectors
  • Terms describing a legal issue
  • Questions about a legal issue 

And WestlawNext will provide the most relevant up to date information in a single search!

This resource is available exclusively in the Murphree Law Library at the Library District Headquarters.



Posted by LindaC on July 25, 2012