Writing the Personal Essay


Sandra Gail Lambert writes fiction and memoir that is often about the body and its relationship to the natural world. Her work has received Pushcart and Best of the Net nominations and been published in New Letters, Brevity, the North American Review, Water~Stone, Hippocampus, Arts & Letters, and Creative Nonfiction. The River's Memory (Twisted Road/2014) is her debut novel. 

Session One: The First Draft (Sunday, May 7th. 2pm, Headquarters Library, Meeting Room-B)

What is a personal essay? Explore forms such as narrative and collage, the lyrical, short-shorts, graphic memoir, multi-media, lists, and horseshoe crab essays. How to begin? How to end? What are the ethics (if there are any) of naming names? And what is the truth, anyway? Use the two weeks between sessions to write your first drafts. 

Session Two: Revision (Sunday, May 21st. 2pm, Headquarters Library, Meeting Room-B)

Working with the slipperiness of time, weaving scene and summary, evoking the senses, creating yourself as a character, and teasing a theme forward—now that you have a fledgling essay, it's time to make something of it. We won't share our individual writing in class, and it's not required to have attended the previous session, but if you do come to both, Sandra Gail Lambert will give feedback on your work at a later date.


Contact: Linda Cue/ lcue@aclib.us


Posted by LindaC on April 20, 2017