3D printer on display in High Springs through March

Come watch a 3D printer in action and learn more about this amazing technology from staff. We will be printing out 3D objects Monday through Friday during the month of March, demonstrating this amazing new technology. Keep in mind that the process is slow, a simple bookmark taking approximately 30 minutes. Larger items can take days to complete.

We will also be demonstrating the 3-D Printer during Kids CreateSpace and during our Spring Break Tech Festival.

In the meantime, you can explore 3D models at Thingiverse and 3D modeling at Tinkercad.

Anybody interested in having an item printed can currently submit a print job to UF's Marston 3D Print Lab. Just email the .obj file to 3dprint.uflib.ufl.edu. The cost is $.15/gram. 

If you want something printed out of metal, resin, or another material you can go to UF's Fab Lab located at Infinity Residential Hall.  More information is avaialble at https://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/3dprinter.