Culture Creation for business

Creating a culture within a workplace is the most underutilized tool in businesses. Creating a culture starts with you. When the mission and values are established, the organization needs to hire those who share in that mindset and seek growth within themselves and the organization. When organizations have a good culture, the workplace becomes efficient, effective, and proactive. Happy employees won’t leave their job; unhappy people will. In our workshop, we will give tips on how businesses can start to implement a better culture.


     Some tips include:

  1. Opening up for positive feedback
  2. Finding your individual motivation for work
  3. Reviewing your mission and values
  4. Having quarterly performance reviews
  5. Leting your employees make mistakes
  6. Having independent employees
  7. Making your employees problem solvers
  8. Having open communication


Posted by JoanneT on November 6, 2019