Teens: Let's get organized

School will be starting up soon, whether it be virtual or face to face. Getting organized will help reduce some of the stress of getting back in the routine of attending classes.  There are resources available throughout the Alachua County Library District to help students get settled in.  A great book, "Where's My Stuff" is a fun way to get started and for those that enjoy eBooks and/or audiobooks, please take a look at how you can connect using various  electronic resources.  Last but not least are the downloadable materials.  Teens from the comfort of your home you may select the book of choice pertaining to organizing and decluttering.  If you do not have a library card here's how you can get one.

A few reasons why it makes a difference being organized.

  1.  It saves time. Being able to go straight to what you need, eliminates wasting time searching.
  2. It avoids getting stressed. Not being able to find what you need when you need it is a bummer.
  3.  It helps to keep things looking good. Being unorganized makes the area look messy and uncared for.

Here is a quick craft to help students get on the right track for a productive school year.

A cardboard box bookshelf

Supplies needed:

Sturdy box, box cutter (please get permission from as adult to use any sharp tool), all-purpose glue,

To decorate box: construction paper, paint, comic strips from the newspaper, fabric.  Feel free to use whatever you want to cover the box.

1, Cut all four flaps     


cutting flap

2. Clue all the flaps back into the box

clue flaps

3. Decorate the box however you want to 


4. Stack em high

stack em high


5. Stack em low



Posted by AlyceW on July 29, 2020