Gainesville Memories

A new book has been added to our collection AND it features Gainesville. The book Gainesville Memories: A Photographic History of the Early Years contains pictures of our town’s early years. From a photograph of the Hippodrome builders (did you know it was first a post office?) to pictures of horse drawn wagons to pictures of baseball and football teams. The book is broken up into sections: Views and Street Scenes, Transportation, Commerce and Industry, Education, Public Service, Community, Recreation and Celebration, and finally, Greetings from Gainesville. Each section is full of beautiful photographs that tell the story of Gainesville between the late1800s through 1939.  Below are some of the wonderful pictures of Gainesville through the years.

storefronts in Gainesville late 1800s       

Storefronts in Gainesville late 1800s 




Oxen team on South Main Street at Depot Avenue  

Oxen on South Main Street at Depot Avenue 




NE 1st St, cira 1928 with Hippodrome in background


NE 1st St, circa 1928 with Hippodrome in background