Last day of Genealogy Camp 2019

last will and testamentThe final Genealogy Club 2019 program will be this Saturday June 22. This program will be about Wills and Pensions plus any questions you might have. Please join us in Meeting Room B at 10 am this coming Saturday.

In the Reference-Genealogy section, we have many books on wills and pensions, such as the ones listed below:


REF-GEN 346.054 WAL 1964 Walne, Peter. English wills: probate records in England and Wales, with a brief note on Scottish and Irish wills

REF-GEN 929.3758 ABS. Abstracts of colonial wills of the state of Georgia, 1733-1777.

REF-GEN 929.3757 YOU. Young, Willie Pauline. Abstracts of old Ninety-six and Abbeville District wills and bonds


REF-GEN 929.3 IND V.1  Index to Indian wars pension files, 1892-1926

REF-GEN 929.3 IND V.2  Index to Indian wars pension files, 1892-1926

REF-GEN 973.34 CLA 1991. Clark, Murtie June. Index to U.S. invalid pension records, 1801-1815

REF-GEN 929.016 EDM 1990. Edmondson, Chan. Revolutionary War period: Bible, family & marriage records gleaned from pension applications: index volumes 1 - 10


Join us to see what you can learn!!