Looking for that long lost relative or just want to know more about your family members?

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Don’t have the money to travel to all the places your ancestors might have lived? The library has two eSources that will save you time and money in your search for your people. Ancestry has billions of records dating back at least a thousand years. Knowing the names of your parents will allow you to begin your search to discover your ancestors. Through the library you can search for free and build that family tree for you and your descendants.


Ancestry Library Edition

Search Census:  Find ancestors in the complete set of U.S. Federal Census images

Search Vitals: When did those significant life changing events happen in your ancestor’s life?

Search Military: Our collection of military records would show if your ancestor served in the military.

Search Immigration: When did your ancestors arrive in the United States? You can search passenger lists and other immigration records to learn more.


Just like ancestry.com, HeritageQuest is a treasure chest of American genealogy sources. Heritage has “primary sources, local and family histories, convenient research guides, interactive census maps, and more” (proquest.com). An alternative to Ancestry, heritageQuest can also lead you find your ancestors.


Search Census: Find ancestors in the complete set of United States Federal Census images.

Search Books: find information on people and places described in over 28,000 family and local histories.

Search Revolutionary War: Search selected records from the Revolutionary War Era Pensions & Bounty-land Warrant Application files.

Search Freedman’s Bank: Search for individuals in the Freedman’s Bank (1865/1874), which was founded to serve African Americans.

Take a look at other local history the library has: https://www.aclib.us/history-genealogy