Job Skills & Education

Covid-19 Employment Resources

Covid Employment Resources

Many individuals have been negatively impacted by mitigation efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19. If you or someone you know is dealing with job loss, here is a list of resources including how to apply for reemployment assistance benefits and current available job listings.

Temporary/Seasonal Jobs Available:


Adult Education Information

Looking for a list of community groups that help adults practice reading, writing and speaking English? Need to study for the GED or the TOEFL tests? Most face-to-face programs are on pause until Fall 2020, but we have a list of groups with online classes and tutors. We also have a list of some things you can do at home.

Reading, writing, and GED help.

English classes, TOEFL, and conversation partner programs.

We will be checking in with groups and will update this list as we get new information. For more information and updates on community programs, please email us.