Library Jobs

For information regarding employment opportunities with the Library District please call the Alachua County Human Resources Department at (352) 374-5219 or review their listing of Library District job postings online.


Our volunteers are a diverse and active group of individuals who perform a variety of tasks that support library staff in providing excellent library services. Volunteer opportunities are available at most Library District locations.

How Can I Volunteer?
The ACLD Volunteer Form, Parental Permission Form (for Teens) and Reference Form for Minors must be filled out, printed, signed and sent to the Volunteer Program Specialist at the address below, or dropped off at your nearest branch library. For more specific information, contact your local branch library or our Volunteer Program Specialist:

Volunteer Program Specialist
Alachua County Library District Headquarters
401 E University Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 334-3943
TDD users, call (352) 334-3904
or e-mail Volunteer Program Specialist

Why Volunteer at the library?
The library is an important community service - an information and lifelong learning resource open to everyone! Here are some of the ways the library - and you as a Library Volunteer - make a difference:

  • Americans ask their libraries more than 200 million reference questions each year.
  • Libraries save business leaders, scientists and engineers an estimated $10 billion a year in information resources.
  • Public Libraries are the most efficient of public services - serving 66% of Americans with less than 1% of our tax dollars.
    Provided by the American Library Association

Who Can Volunteer?

  • Anyone who is 12 years old and older.
  • Individuals who are reliable and able to stick to sometimes unexciting - but vital - tasks.
  • People who can commit to volunteering 2-4 hours a week (maximum is 20 hours/ week) for a 3-6 month period depending on the tasks.

What Do Volunteers Do?

  • Check in and re-shelve library materials
  • Process materials for checkout
  • Book repair
  • Outreach/Homebound services
  • Local history aides
  • Program and special event assistance
  • Special projects

High School Internship Program

High School Juniors and Seniors: Check out great careers at your library! Become a High School Intern. Interns can work at their local branch or in one of our behind the scenes departments at the Headquarters Library. Find out about the library's 9-week paid internship each semester, 10 hours per week, 10 students (maximum) per semester.

Fall 2017
10/23/2017 - 12/22/2017
Orientation: 10/23/2017
Application Deadline: 9/22/2017
Application (PDF: 459KB)

Spring 2018
2/19/2018 - 4/20/2018
Orientation: 2/19/2018
Application Deadline: 1/26/2018

Summer 2018
6/11/2018 - 8/10/2018
Orientation: 6/11/2018
Application Deadlie: 5/11/2018

Fall 2018
10/22/2018 - 12/21/2018
Orientation: 10/22/2018
Application Deadline: 9/14/2018

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