Looking for Both Sides of Today's Issues?

If you are looking for up-to-date, accurate and reliable information about important current topics, then the Issues and Controversies eSource should be your first research stop. The Issues & Controversies eSource offered on the Library's Research page, offers in-depth articles—presenting both sides of an issue clearly, coherently, and without bias—selected to inspire thought-provoking debates. The user friendly presentation of the key facts, arguments, history, and current context of current timely issues makes the database an ideal resource for research papers, debate preparation, and persuasive writing assignments.

Just a few of the topics included:

  • politics
  • government
  • popular culture
  • education and many more. The illustration below is an example of the easy to navigate search screen.

This valuable eSource is updated weekly and include a wide range of sources. Articles can include videos, primary sources, newspapers from around the world and thousands of links to ohter sources. Researchers, educators, and students will find Issues and Controversies a must for comprehensive research.


Posted by LindaD on March 2, 2017