Bears and Lions, Oh My!

Please join us at Headquarters Library on Wednesday, July 6, 11am for “Bears and Lions.”

Bears and Lions is a musical stage show like no other. These animals have escaped the circus and set out to break the rules and expectations of kids’ music and inspire children to be more accepting, tolerant, and free in everyday life. Their live show is a collective of animals, including a Gorilla and a Squirrel, playing family friendly Rock and Americana Folk that quickly makes fans out of kids and parents alike. Together, this band of wild animals motivate the kids to get up and dance, engage and even be a part of the show. 
Bears and Lions is an independently managed band that made a splash at KindieFest in 2013, played for a world-wide audience on Sirius/XM in 2014, and shook things up on PBS’s Pancake Mountain in 2015. Their mixing of a theatrical stage show and rocking live music keeps the kids involved and entertained as they tell their stories of their love of pancakes, following your dreams, making unusual friends, accepting others, and teamwork.

What people are saying on their website:

“From a brownfield to a green space, construction is about to start on a long-awaited park. The lot behind the old Depot building in Gainesville will be transformed into a public park in about a year. The designers got help from some special people and a song from local musical favorites, Bears and Lions.”


WCJB TV-20 ~ WCJB TV-20 Gainesville


“The reason we’d never had a kids band on was because they don't write good songs and they don’t rock, but you guys do both!”



Scott Stuckey ~ Pancake Mountain




“@ dinner singing "Double Stack".. the Zep Meets Mr Rogers power chords r irresistible”


Scott Stuckey ~ Pancake Mountain


“Best Music Songs of 2013: BEARS AND LIONS “PANCAKES” single An audacious song about silver dollar pancakes that you have to hear to believe. Srsly! This 5-minute track is 100% bonkers!”


Jeff Bogle ~ Cooper & Kid


“Sure, the premise is bizarre. I mean, do bears and lions even have opposable thumbs to play the guitar? And yes, the set up is a bit hokey. But I’m willing to forgive it if they keep delivering songs like “Pancakes.” The song has a bit of a hard, almost rap-metal sound to it. It’s as if Rage Against the Machine and Cake had a baby and started making children’s music with its gradual build and mariachi-ish horn. The song not only lays out Bears and Lions backstory, but it also makes my mouth water with this roll call of pancake varieties and toppings. IHOP should consider making this their theme song.”


Gina Jacobs Thomas ~ Full of It


“There are lots of words and pictures to share from Kindiefest 2013, ...but I didn’t want too much time to pass by before sharing the music from Bears and Lions. ... I’m pretty sure if I polled those of us huddled stage right, the set that had us laughing the most and saying something like, “I have no idea what that was, but it might have been brilliant” was from this duo of two guys dressed up as a bear and a lion wearing basketball uniforms and strumming guitars...They played a song called "Mediocre Kid" which might just be an anthem -- yes, it's about an average -- maybe even mediocre -- kid, but the song somehow manages to be inspirational. For the song "Good Boy," they managed to get Recess Monkey's Drew Holloway to act like a dog. It was just a loopy, occasionally surreal performance that resulted in people loudly shouting "Pancake Sweepstakes!" in unison.”


~ Zoogobble


“My introduction to the Florida-based duo Bears and Lions was a couple months back, where a couple dudes dressed up as, yes, a bear and a lion (in ’70s era basketball uniforms, no less), strode up on stage and proceeded to play one of the more goofy sets of songs I’d heard in kids music. Jangly, southern-fried guitar-pop songs about jumping out of airplanes, man’s best friend, and PAN! CAKE! SWEEP! STAKES! (Just listen to “Pancakes” all the way through, trust me.)”


See their video, and then come join us on July 6!