Cranes for a Cure

When Joey Xu was young, he loved origami.  He would spend hours creating cranes, globes, and other creatures out of paper.  His friends at school knew of his passion and would make animals with him.  After he developed a rare form of kidney cancer, this was an activity he could still do when he was too worn-out to run and play soccer.

After he passed away, his classmates helped form paper cranes in his memory.  Joey’s family took his passion for origami and turned it into a touching tribute to children affected by cancer.  Cranes for a Cure was born out of the charity, Joey’s Wings, to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  There are over 2,000 hand-made paper cranes and globes in this travelling exhibit to represent the 2,000 children who die of cancer every year in this country.  The effect is breathtaking.

We are honored to host the Cranes for a Cure in the Children’s Department at the Headquarters Library for the month of May.  This stunning collection has been on display at the Harn Museum of Art, Shands Children’s Hospital, and other locations around Alachua County to bring awareness to children’s cancers.

Come and see the beautiful display of hand-made paper cranes and keep Joey’s memory, and all those who have lost their battle with cancer, alive.

Posted by MeganK on May 5, 2017