Fairytales, Folk Tales, and More!

Fairytales, Folk Tales, and More!  Join us at Headquarters Library on Tuesday, October 17, from 3:00 – 4:30pm for a very special afternoon devoted to all things make-believe. 

Listen to Mother Goose read fairy tales on the red carpet.  Try to solve riddles presented by our wandering minstrel.  Join Peter Pan, Snow White, Little Bo Peep, and the Grouchy Ladybug in their quests and conquests.  Learn about the Legend of Tanabata (The Star Crossed Lovers) and the origins of Stone Soup

Try your hand at our simple take-home crafts.  Wander into our Storywoods Room for all things Frozen in time.  Come dressed as your favorite character from folk or fairytales, or just come as you are.  It will be a magical time for kids of all ages.



Posted by LaurieM on September 4, 2017