Fun DIY Friday: AnimationSpace at Home

LEGO characters being arranged for stop motion film

AnimationSpace is one of our regular MakerSpace programs at both the Millhopper and Tower Road branches. During AnimationSpace we learn how to make stop-motion animation using 3-D figures and objects. You can design your own background, create your own story, and even bring your own characters and props from home! Once you have everything together, you'll begin the process of "filming". With stop-motion animation, this means taking a picture each time a character moves. If you keep the movements teeny-tiny and take lots of pictures, when you put them all together it looks just like a video where the characters are moving all by themselves! 

Since we have to put our in-person programs on hold for a while longer, today we’re going to learn how to make our own stop-motion films at home using the app Stop Motion Studio.

What is Stop Motion Studio?

Stop Motion Studio is a free, full-featured movie editor available on both iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, this app will allow you to shoot and edit your very own claymation or stop-motion movie from your phone or tablet! Stop Motion Studio features animation guides, an overlay mode, and tools to help you re-order or edit your frames. You’ll be able to add title screens or credits, video filters, sound effects and even your own soundtrack music! And once you’re done, just save your file as a video (mp4 file) or gif and share your animation with friends and family!

Getting Started

First things first, you’ll need to find Stop Motion Studio in your app store and install it. Be sure to allow the app permission to take photos so you will be able to create your animation.

Your next step is going to be creating your background. This can be anything – a printed out picture, drawing, sheet, pillowcase or even a board game box! Make sure your background is securely in place and then gather your characters. If you already know the story you’d like to tell, great! If not, try making a storyboard first. This will help you choose what you want to happen, in what order, and give you a place to make notes later.

Filming time! Move your characters bit by bit, taking pictures after every movement, until your story is finished. Once you’ve taken all your pictures, go in and edit your slides! You can have a lot of fun playing with text and speech bubbles, filters, sound effects and all sorts of tools in the app. When you’re done editing and happy with your video, go ahead and save it.

Congratulations! You just made your own stop-motion animation!


If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration for your next animation, check out our YouTube channel! There you’ll be able to see some of the videos others have created at our in-library AnimationSpace programs. Here are a few examples:

Petsitting          Minecraft Adventures         Sleepy Elf

FilePetsittingFileMinecraft AdventuresFileSleepy Elf

We hope you’ll come and join us at our next AnimationSpace program and, until then, stay safe everyone!