Great Reads: Ages 0-1

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It’s never too early to begin reading and it's also never too late to start. Reading is a wonderful relationship builder as it strengthens your bond with your child, promotes good communication between the two of you, and helps develop early literacy skills. It’s important for children to have positive attitudes towards reading throughout their lives and this starts at home. So to help you, we have put together some a list of our favorite books for babies from birth to 1 year old.


binky book cover imageBinky by Leslie Patricelli

Anyone who's spent time with babies knows that few crises compare with the (even temporary) loss of a favorite binky. Here, in her humorous, bold graphic style, Leslie Patricelli plays up a scenario near and dear to every little one's heart, raising the plaintive question: can there be any peace in the house when a beloved binky is not to be found?


bedtime book cover imageBaby Touch and Feel: Bedtime by Dawn Sirett

With padded covers, simple images, and an amazing range of novelty textures, Baby Touch and Feel books will immediately capture the attention of the very youngest children, and create an experience they ll want to repeat over and over again. Baby Touch and Feel: Bedtime features all kinds of friendly animals and soft textures that relate to theme of going to bed.


hooray for babies book cover imageHooray for Babies! by Susan Meyers

From the author of the bestselling Everywhere Babies comes a sweet and bouncy rhyming picture book that celebrates all the joys and wonders of being a baby. The author's sweet text and the artist's charming pictures make this a delightful book for young children to enjoy, discover themselves, and listen to again and again.


babies can sleep anywhere book cover imageBabies Can Sleep Anywhere by Lisa Wheeler

What better way to put a little one to sleep than with a soothing rhyme and image after image of sleeping animals? This gentle board book introduces the sleeping habits of many animals—from puppies to sloths to whales—and compares them to the sometimes-unusual habits of human babies. In backpacks, on knees, in cradles or trees, sweet babies can sleep anywhere! 


look at the animals book cover imageLook at the Animals! by Peter Linenthal

Birds sing, zebras run, and whales spout in this delightful board book. Bold, black-and-white illustrations offer the clean shapes and strong contrasts best suited to young babies’ developing minds. The warm, simple text makes this a perfect first book for sharing with a little one who’s just beginning to look and learn.


baby's big busy book book cover imageBaby's Big Busy Book by Karen Katz

Follow along throughout the day as Baby wakes up, eats, and gets ready to play! This jumbo-sized busy book featuring Karen Katz’s bright and colorful artwork is jam-packed with interactive activities that are sure to keep little ones engaged and entertained.


go baby go dog book cover imageGo Baby! Go Dog! by Anne Kennedy 

The baby likes the dog. The dog likes to be alone. But the baby loves to crawl…and follows the dog wherever he goes! Together they make for a captivating pair in this sweet, simple, and expressive story. 


baby dance book cover imageBaby Dance by Ann Taylor

"Up and down, to and fro, coo and crow baby, there you go. Up to the ceiling, down to the ground, backward and forward, round and round." All babies love to be lifted, twirled and held in loving arms. Now a rhythmic poem by nineteenth century poet Anne Taylor makes a delightful board book perfect for baby and parent to share.


baby food book cover imageBaby Food by Stefanie Wieder

Babies eat in lots of ways - and most of them are messy! Giggle and gurgle together with Baby Food, a charming, inclusive window into all the ways babies enjoy their food: bottle-feeding, nursing, children feeding themselves, families eating together and more. 


spring babies book cover imageSpring Babies by Kathryn Galbraith 

This is an endearing board book with adorable babies on the go during the spring season. Spirited, rhyming text and colorful, graphic art reveal an energetic cast of babies having an action-packed day of play in the park on a cheerful spring day. Highlighting concepts like shapes, repetition, diversity and more, books in the Babies in the Park series encourage an appreciation of nature and outdoor imaginative play.


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