Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Take a stop at Hogwarts to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday!

Muggles and wizards are invited to celebrate Harry's Birthday at the Headquarters Library July 30th at 2 PM. There will be a sorting hat challenge, Divination class visit, make your own Patronus, Book charm and owl craft, Pin the scar on Harry, try your luck at Quidditch, visit our potions table and sip butter beer, make an edible wand and decorate a Cauldron cake!

harry potter and the deathly hallowsJourney next to  Millhopper Library on July 31st at 2 PM.  Create your own quill pen, make a wand, try your luck at our Horcrux Hunt, create a t-shirt, make a Weasley approved Skiving Snackbox, and more! Learn how to play Quidditch with the UF Quidditch team and get your face painted with Karen Starbuck.  Thank you to donations from Ruby Tuesday, TNT Graphics, The Fresh Market, and Publix!  T-shirts will go fast so bring your own dark colored cotton shirt to make a custom shirt.

Finally, hop a broomstick to the Tower Road School of Wizards July 31st at 3 PM for a fantastical potions demo of the spell “Burning Basilisk Skin” and then try your hand at mixing some other potions. Get in the spirit and pick up a pair of Harry Potter glasses, draw on your scar, and don your house tie. Consult Professor Trelawney for a fortune, but beware dementor attacks! Play Quidditch Pong and write in Tom Riddle’s own diary! Make a Harry Potter book necklace or bracelet and have a slice of cake to celebrate.