...Japanese and Bali Art & Dance this Summer at the Library!

Surapsari, The Dancer/Performer, will be busy at our branches July 16 – 19.  In fact, one day she comes to our Millhopper Branch library twice!  Can you figure out which day from the schedule below?  All of these programs featuring Surapsari are Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.


Mask Dance with Surapsari

Partake in the traditional Mask Dance presented by Surapsari this Summer at the Library!

Enjoy folklore told through Kagura mask dance theatre that has been performed in Japan for centuries. Meet Lucky Gods and Goddesses who bring joy and happiness to people. Try on the mask of Hyottoko (the Funny Man) or Okame (Hyottoko's wife) and dance merrily. Participating children will be invited to practice Japanese warrior dance, followed by the audience participatory dance-drama, Orochi: Conquer of the Multi-headed Serpent, based on Japan's oldest myth.

  • Millhopper July 17, 10:00am
  • Headquarters July 18, 11:00am
  • Alachua July 19, 1:30pm
  • Hawthorne July 19, 4:30pm

Traditional Shadow Puppets with Surapsari

Marvel at the Shadow puppet theater show presented by Surapsari this Summer at the Library! 

Be mesmerized by the mysterious shadow puppet theatre from the Indonesian island of Bali, accompanied by traditional gamelan music and chanting. The audience will enjoy the beloved Indonesian folk tale, The Adventure of the Mouse-deer. Following the presentation, participating children will make a shadow puppet with movable parts and try out their puppet with the screen and light.

  • Micanopy  July 16, 2:00pm

Japanese Chigiri (Paper Collage)  with Surapsari

Discover the Japanese paper art Chigiri with Surapsari this Summer at the Library! 

Chigiri-e is a Japanese collage art created with colorful paper that has been torn with hand. An original short poem that matches the collage is added to the art work. Enjoy creating a piece of art with beautifully printed Japanese paper. Create a short poem and write it with a Japanese brush pen.

  • Millhopper July 17, 2:00pm
  • Library Partnership July 18, 2:00pm

See you this Summer at the Library!