Stay at Home Story Time: Explore the Census

Illustrations of colorful hands.

Find inspiration, activities, and resources for a stellar Stay At Home Story Time created by our librarians with your family in mind. 


Children count!

Activity: Learn more about Census 2020 by reading the 2020 "Everyone Counts!" Story and Activity Book as a family or individually. Young children can color a coloring sheet on page 18 and trace numbers on page 19.


Every family member counts!

Activity: Cut out a “gingerbread” person for each member of your household (try out the cutout at the bottom of this blog). Then decorate and name your family members. Tape them together and hang them on the refrigerator joining hands. 


Everyone in the neighborhood counts!

Activity: Take a walk on your street and draw a map of the houses closest to yours on a large sheet of paper. For those neighbors you know, draw a representation of the people in each house. Everything from stick figures to great art is acceptable. Count the number of people in each house and add them together. Hang the mural up for everyone to see.

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