Stone Soup Storytime and Take Home Craft

Stone Soup Storytime and Take Home Craft

Tuesday, January 16
2:00pm - 3:00pm, Headquarters Library, Storywoods Room

Discover the origins of the famous stone soup fables. Did you ever realize how many cultures have a stone soup kind of fable or folk tale in their customs?  Stone Soup seems to be a universal theme, sort of like the Golden Rule.  Connect with a few wonderful picture book versions from around the world. We will have picture books ready for you to check out and enjoy at home.

Then stay and play the "stone soup game." Can you get three out of three vegetables in the pot? On your first try?  YES?  Maybe you are standing too close.  Back up 2 feet and try again.

Participate in our craft following the story time – “make and take” your own stone soup craft to share with your family at home.  You will be asked to cut out your 6 vegetables, choose your pot, and stick small magnets on the back of all your pieces.  Then you can take home your own zippered bag of veggies, and show your family at home.  Can you stick them on the front of your refrigeration?  If not (maybe you have the new kind like me, only the sides are made of metal) then use a clean cookie sheet. Share with your little brother and tell him the legend of Stone Soup.  Enjoy!

This program should be fun for kids of all ages, but especially ages 3-8 should have a good time. 







Posted by LaurieM on January 9, 2018