Teddy Bear Sleepover

Image of teddy bear and books for sleepover storytime program.

It's a Teddy Bear Sleepover Storytime for you and your stuffed animal friend. Join us for a storytime and craft on Wednesday, August 15th at 10:30AM. You'll then tuck your stuffed animal friend in for the night and pick them up the next day at the Teddy Bear Pick Up Party. Come see what sort of mischief they might have gotten into the night before.

stuffed animals reading booksReasearch shows that this type of program may encourage children to read. This article touches upon some benefits of stuffed animal sleepover programs.

Caregivers, please be sure your child brings a stuffed animal friend they are willing to leave for a sleepover. While registration is preferred, but not required,  preference wil be given to registrants due to space constraints.

Posted by OdetteH on August 7, 2018