Wild Wonders Animal Adventure!

kids holding giant snake

Owner Michael Rossi created Wild Wonders in 2002 with the purpose of entertaining while teaching about animals. The animals are well cared for and inspected by the USDA, insured and licensed. Children will learn about local and exotic animals in a fun and interesting way. Children are encouraged to pet, hold or just gander at some of our critters.

This program features a large variety of animals and is perfect for children ages 3-12. It is well polished and runs smoothly from one animal to the next. Kids are entranced and parents thrilled as you see a nice balance of animals mixed with humor and information. Your child is the star as we include story and dance. Some of the animals that may be in the program include:

  • Pythons (like Wiggles the carpet python) and other snakes
  • Ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits, pigs 
  • Various turtles (like Booger the alligator snapping turtle) 
  • Lizards, bearded dragons and more!

Catch a show near you!

  • Millhopper - July 22, 11 am
  • Alachua - July 22, 2 pm
  • Headquarters - July 23, 11 am
  • Archer - July 24, 1 pm
  • Newberry - July 24, 4 pm
  • Library Partnership - July 26, 11 am
  • Cone Park - July 26, 2 pm
  • Micanopy - July 30, 2 pm