X-Men and Wolverine for Kids!

With all of the movies, cartoons, toys, and games coming out for kids, this is a great opportunity to encourage them to READ! Marvel has been making its flagship titles and characters more and more adult over the past 25 years, but not to worry, here are a couple of spin-offs you can safely hand over to a child. Or, if you have a parent complaining that their kid simply does not want to read, you can bet that these graphic novels will get them excited and interested! 

Wolverine is enormously popular with children, and one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel universe. If you know his backstory, however, you probably realize that most of his comics are not going to be appropriate for a young reader. Fortunately, Marvel put out Wolverine First Class, which includes a number of brief one-shot issues intended for kids of all ages. Kitty Pride is teaming up with Logan as the main protagonist, so we have another fun, strong female character who is not going to be scantily clad or sexulized. There are a number of great cameos from other parts of the Marvel universe, in addition to high quality artwork, which makes the collection more palatable for adult readers as well.

X-Men First class is a modern retelling of one of the earliest X-Men teams, specifically targeting a younger audience. It includes Hank in pre-Beast form, Jean, Scott (Cyclops), Warren (Angel) and Bobby (Iceman) as they are first learning how to use their powers, and studying with Professor Xavier. Appropriate for kids, entertaining for adults, colorful and engaging artwork. Probably the best way for a young reader to start getting into X-Men. 

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