Zen Pandas

You know how sometimes you finish reading a really good picture book, and you close your eyes and hug it to your chest? You will do that with all three of these. They are so, so sweet, and beautiful, and serene, they will leave you feeling 100% better about the world around you. Stillwater is a Giant Panda who lives in a neighborhood with a number of children, and what could possibly be a better friend than a Panda!? Stillwater is very wise and kind, but also a lot of fun. He teaches the children life lessons through colorful stories about friends and family from his past, such as the value of sharing and hard work, how to empathize with people you may not understand and above all, kindness to everyone and everything around you. The artwork looks like watercolor, and is as beautiful and serene as the stories themselves. These are bedtime stories parents would be happy to tell to their children over and over again, and are large and colorful enough to be captivating story time reading.