Internet Safety

Internet Safety Websites

Free products to help keep children off unwanted websites

Internet safety sites

Selected weblinks from the Library staff.

  • Be Net Savvy - Deals with issues connected with social networking, cyberbullying, and more.
  • I Keep Safe - Tips for kids, parents, and educators.
  • NetSmartz Kids - Online resource with interactive activites and games teaching children, teens, parents & educators safety on the Internet.
  • Parent's Guide to the Internet - A publication from the US Department of Education.
  • Safe Kids - Child safety on the information highway.
  • Surf Net Kids - Website reviews for kids, parents, and teachers.

NetSmartz Kids

NetSmartz iconConcerned about how your kids might use the internet?

The library offers NetSmartz presentations for teachers, kids, & parents. Please call 334-3941 to schedule a presentation for your class or community group.

Keeping safe online

Ten Internet Safety Tips

  1. Let your parents or guardian know where you go on the Internet. Show them your favorite websites.
  2. Use good manners and always be polite in chat and email. Let your parents or guardian know if someone else is rude or uses bad language.
  3. Your name, address, phone number and the name of your school is all personal information. Don’t share any personal information unless your parents or guardian say it is okay.
  4. Don't send any pictures of yourself, or open pictures that you get in email, unless your parents or guardian say it's okay.
  5. Show your parents or guardian any emails from people you don’t know before you open them.
  6. Ask your parents or guardian before taking any surveys or entering contests.
  7. Tell your parents or guardian about friends that you meet on the Internet.
  8. Don't go visit friends you have met on the Internet unless your parents or guardian come with you.
  9. Don't borrow words or pictures you find on the Internet to use for your homework, unless your parents, guardian, or teacher tells you it’s okay.
  10. If you see a picture or read anything that makes you feel scared or upset, turn off your computer monitor and get your parents or guardian.

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