The People Have Spoken: New Book Club Comes to Library Partnership

Readers Celebrate Book Club Approval

With over 90% of the popular vote, Amendment 2151511 has passed, mandating a new book club be created at the Library Partnership. Despite the pundits’ predictions - which heavily favored the status quo - enough support was garnered to achieve the 60% margin needed to approve the amendment. “This is really a great day in Library Partnership history,” declared an anonymous staff member. “The people have been asking for a book club, and their will has prevailed through the Library Partnership Voting Ballot.”

The People’s Book Club, as it will be called, will meet at 2 PM on the fourth Monday of every month starting in January. The first meeting will be at 2 PM on Monday, January 23rd. According to library staff, the book selections will be democratically chosen so patrons should come prepared with suggestions. More details about the book club can be found here. For ideas on potential book club selections, participants can start by searching the currently available adult book club kits.